Relationships – Seek to live as Christ taught us. We understand that we have to have a relationship with Christ first and then to each other. To that end, relationships should take precedence over busyness, the status quo, quantifiable measurements and the loudest voice.

DSCN1697Gifts – Realize where the source of our future comes from. To that end, we have to equip our children and youth with the necessary tools to be sojourners on the way. This requires us to not only mentor them and care for them, but also provide for them educationally, spiritually and recreationally.

Risks – Stretch far beyond our comfort zones and be willing to take risks that might result in failure but also may become life rewarding. We will continually reflect on our personal lives as well as the life of our church.

Sharing our Faith – Set out intentionally to include, invite and welcome all peoples from diverse backgrounds, realizing that not everyone looks, thinks and believes the way we do.

Authentic and Genuine – Be true to ourselves and to others. To that end, we have to be open, honest and trustworthy, realizing that all of life’s issues will not fit neatly in a box. However that doesn’t mean that all circumstances of life cannot come to the table and be addressed lovingly and equally.

Intentional in our Service – Strive to have passion for God, for each other, for outsiders, for the social justice issues of the world and for life in general. It is our responsibility to be a beacon of light to those around us. We have to understand that this light needs to reach far beyond our walls and stretch out locally, regionally and globally.

Ministry and Worship – Understand that all of us here are called by God. To that end, we must work to strive to be a representation of discipleship of all believers as well as welcoming, encouraging and lifting up all talents from within this congregation as often as possible in our worship gatherings, extracurricular and programming.

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